snow white and the seven designers

Walking down Charing Cross Road in London today I came across this poster on the front of the Garrick Theatre for a new play. The title really intrigued me and the design was completely different to the usual West End type posters all over the city. It got me thinking, are designers that predictable that helvetica is what represents us today? (  » continue  )

stunning sign artist & glass embosser

It’s not my intention to turn my blog into a homage of skills and methods from the past but this video is simply stunning. The craft of David A Smith, a truly exceptional signwriter and glass embosser, is captured brilliantly in this superb film from Danny Cooke. It really highlights the relationship between his creativity and the technology that he uses. He also has the best van I have ever seen! And watch out for the titles at the end of the film.

morris fuller benton v eric gill
who’s the greatest?

In the right corner hailing from Brighton England, stands Eric Gill an artist, sculptor printmaker and creator of some of the most beautiful typefaces on the planet. In the left corner a native of Milwaukee USA, stands Morris Fuller Benton one of the most prolific typeface designers the world has ever witnessed. So who’s the daddy? (  » continue  )

how to kern type perfectly

Tip for perfect kerningThere are lots of tips on the best way to perfectly kern a piece of type. As with all design, kerning can be subjective, but some is just plain right or wrong. One trick that stuck with me was from the esteemed Maggie Lewis who was the Head of Typography at J.Walter Thompson for many years.
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70’s design in the house

I’ve got to get me a couple of these great prints from House Industries. I love the whole New York 70′s design feel, I have a shed load of U&LC, a couple of original Photo-Lettering type books and my final college piece was based on the work of Herb Lubalin. Add to that a class taken with Ed Benguiat a few years back, I think I qualify to display these in my house. If only Tony Dispigna was my next door neighbour!