wish i’d done that – black swan poster

Haven’t seen a series of movie posters in a while that are quite as striking as these. Created by the London based design studio LaBoca for the film Black Swan by 20th Century Fox. Interesting article on the Guardian website about them. I like that they’ve tried to do something different. Sick to death of the formula movie poster – photoshop an image of the lead actors to death and then set the name of the film in Trajan/Gotham underneath.

wish i’d done that – nz book council

I came across this animation called “Going West” from Len Cheeseman through his comment on my post “who’s who of london typography in 1987” and thought it was definitely worth sharing. It was created by BBDO in Auckland, New Zealand. It was for the New Zealand Book Council to inspire more people to read books. Surprisingly I must have missed this one on the blogs and on twitter. It’s beautifully crafted.

designer spotlight – fraver

A couple of days ago I took my family to see the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in the West End of London. It’s sort of a family tradition to see a show at this time of year. It was a fantastic experience and my kids absolutely loved it. (  » continue  )

is 8 faces magazine the new u&lc?

8 faces magazine
Last week I received my copy of 8 faces magazine. There was quite a buzz on twitter about it so I went and ordered a copy. There haven’t been too many attempts to publish a purely typographic magazine in recent times, so I was interested to see how it approached the subject. (  » continue  )

who’s who of london typography in 1987

Going through some old books of mine I came across this promotional book called “I wouldn’t have done it like that” produced in 1987 by a London typesetting house called ‘Deputy Serif’. They got 8 of the most respected agency typographers/designers in London to take iconic press ads and re-design them. (  » continue  )