typefaces painted onto models….mmmm?

Nice video documenting the process that went into creating the posters below. They were produced by the multidisciplinary design studio atipo from Northern Spain. (  » continue  )

there’s still some craft in advertising

Came across this documentary the other day and absolutely loved it. It takes time to create something of such beauty. I love the fact that this is going on in New York as well.

Pixels or paint? I know which one I prefer.

pastiche, homage or just plain old rip-off?

Outside the Oxford Circus branch of Niketown in London there’s a typographic wall installation in one of the windows. It’s a direct imitation of Lou Dorfsman’s iconic masterpiece gastrotypographicalassemblage. (  » continue  )

doyald young 1926-2011

Was sad to hear yesterday of the passing of Doyald Young an amazing designer and typographer. (  » continue  )

the mad skills of dana tanamachi

It’s so nice to come across a designer who’s work is completely awe-inspiring, someone who ‘does’ design rather than talks about it on the internet. (  » continue  )