what would you do in the last hour of your life?

There’s not much that can be said about 9/11 that hasn’t been said already. I like to put things on this site that have inspired me in my work. But nothing has ever inspired me in life as much as this short film, The Red Bandana, that my sister-in-law passed on to me. This man, Welles Crowther, was truly an angel.

wish i’d done that – rex cinema

I came across these posters for the Rex Cinema in Berkhamstead in England, and was blown away by the sheer beauty of them. (  » continue  )

‘little women the musical’ poster design

It’s been a busy few months, hence the reason my blog posts have been sporadic to say the least. I’m close to finishing a ‘longish’ freelance contract which has kept me quiet for a couple of months. However during this period I was approached to create a design for a new production of “Little Women the Musical” being produced by Samuel Julyan and Skye Crawford. (  » continue  )

i want to work here, and drink jack daniel’s

While I’m on this vintage, authentic typography kick, check this video out. Is this the coolest place or what? Yee-haw Industrial Letterpress in Knoxville Tennessee. They even mix some Jack Daniel’s in the ink….brilliant, although a tad wasteful as it could be put to much better use. They have a large shop of prints, t-shirts etc and a facebook page that shows the designs that were featured in this video. (  » continue  )

at last, football and typography meet

It’s not very often you get to see work that combines your work passion with your outside passion, but I have, and thanks goes to Zoran Lucić for designing this vast series of typographic posters celebrating the greatest players to have played the game. (  » continue  )