design inspiration from baseball?

So just got back from holiday in Florida visiting family and generally having a great time and as with all my trips to the United States, I love taking in a baseball game. I’m not sure if it’s the pure american feel of it all, or I really do enjoy the sport. (  » continue  )

wish i’d done that – anchor butter

When I think a piece of work is really good, I generally look at it with more than a little envy and think, I wish I’d done that. Maybe this is the start of a regular series of posts. This campaign of posters for Anchor Butter recently highlighted on Creative Review are really sweet. (  » continue  )

i’ve always liked lemonade

This is a really interesting film made by Erik Proulx, particularly as I find myself in the same boat as the people it’s about. I have to believe that there is life after working on staff at an agency for a number of years. And so far so good, the phone is ringing and I am busy. (  » continue  )