i want to work here, and drink jack daniel’s

While I’m on this vintage, authentic typography kick, check this video out. Is this the coolest place or what? Yee-haw Industrial Letterpress in Knoxville Tennessee. They even mix some Jack Daniel’s in the ink….brilliant, although a tad wasteful as it could be put to much better use. They have a large shop of prints, t-shirts etc and a facebook page that shows the designs that were featured in this video. (  » continue  )

typefaces painted onto models….mmmm?

Nice video documenting the process that went into creating the posters below. They were produced by the multidisciplinary design studio atipo from Northern Spain. (  » continue  )

there’s still some craft in advertising

Came across this documentary the other day and absolutely loved it. It takes time to create something of such beauty. I love the fact that this is going on in New York as well.

Pixels or paint? I know which one I prefer.

pastiche, homage or just plain old rip-off?

Outside the Oxford Circus branch of Niketown in London there’s a typographic wall installation in one of the windows. It’s a direct imitation of Lou Dorfsman’s iconic masterpiece gastrotypographicalassemblage. (  » continue  )

wish i’d done that – black swan poster

Haven’t seen a series of movie posters in a while that are quite as striking as these. Created by the London based design studio LaBoca for the film Black Swan by 20th Century Fox. Interesting article on the Guardian website about them. I like that they’ve tried to do something different. Sick to death of the formula movie poster – photoshop an image of the lead actors to death and then set the name of the film in Trajan/Gotham underneath.