great typography book from 1927

Every now and then you come across a gem of a book where every page is a joy to look at. A couple of years ago I saw this book on ebay and picked it up for about $10. It’s called the Studio Handbook and was published in 1927 by Frederick J. Drake & Co a publishers from Chicago. Other than that I don’t know much more about it.

There are some amazing fonts in there, as well as a brilliant section of advertising layouts, like the one below. It was hard choosing which pages to highlight.


  1. Louise Sloper — 24/11/2010

    fabulous book rob!

  2. Andy — 24/11/2010

    I bet it’s even nicer to hold, Good find!

  3. Rob Sutton — 25/11/2010

    @Louise good luck with the typographic circle talk tonight.

    @Andy – it really is. You get so used to looking at stuff online these days it’s nice to actually hold something. Thanks for continuing to stop by.

  4. Rob Sutton — 25/11/2010

    @Andy, love the use of the script on your website, is that Bello? looks great, have to start looking into webfonts.

  5. Weird Ben — 22/02/2011

    Nice find mate I really like to see these old typography books from time to time, my university has the odd one or two in their library which are resource only of course.

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