snow white and the seven designers

Walking down Charing Cross Road in London today I came across this poster on the front of the Garrick Theatre for a new play. The title really intrigued me and the design was completely different to the usual West End type posters all over the city. It got me thinking, are designers that predictable that helvetica is what represents us today? I’m not in the “I hate helvetica” camp but I guess I am in the “I’d rather try and find something a little more interesting” camp.

When I first started designing, helvetica was what you used as a default on a layout when you wanted the client to focus on a concept and not react to a particular style. There’s not much to react to with helvetica, although tell the designers of the new Gap logo that, plenty of reaction there. Not to delve into that can of worms too much but what on earth is that logo about? Looks like it was designed in Powerpoint.

Here’s the synopsis for the play. “Join Snow White’s seven designers – Dapper, Snappy, Snazzy, Natty, Classy, Dizzy and Taupey – as they help save the beautiful Snow White and lead the fight against London’s biggest threat – criminally style-less interiors!” So it’s actually about interior designers and it’s being put on for a great charitable cause Dementia UK. Looks like it might be a fun play though.

Come on there must be plenty of people out there who want to champion the virtues of helvetica?


  1. Rob Cubbon — 10/11/2010

    Oh, I lost count of how many design companies used particularly tightly tracked, thin Helvetica Neue for everything – with a lot of grey! It looked good but I remember saying to myself that I must find another font for when I start out!

    I still use it from time to time but it’s popularity amazes me!

  2. Rob Sutton — 10/11/2010

    Rob I think a lot of design companies still do that. It’s a clean font and I use it but generally when I want something to be a little quiet and generic.

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