wish i’d done that – anchor butter

When I think a piece of work is really good, I generally look at it with more than a little envy and think, I wish I’d done that. Maybe this is the start of a regular series of posts. This campaign of posters for Anchor Butter recently highlighted on Creative Review are really sweet. They were illustrated by Paul Slater, typography by the super-talented Alison Carmichael and really nicely put together by designer Dan Beckett at CHI & Partners out of London. They have found a way to pull off an authentic vintage feel but with a modern twist. Hats off to the client as well for buying into work that stands out.


  1. Tom Phillips — 24/09/2010


    I love finding vintage ads around here (Melbourne, Aus). There are quite a few in the old industrial suburbs, a lot of locals have appreciation for them so revisiting them could definitely work in this setting also.

  2. Rob Sutton — 30/09/2010

    Thanks Tom, one thing I’m curious to know is did they actually paint them on a wall. I fear however there was a lot of photoshop going on. Still they are really nice.

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